This is my first game i ever tried to make. It's a simple platformer where you jump over platforms to score. Retro style colorful visuals. I tried my best for this one.

Update 1 : Reworked controls.

Update 2 : Better saving of settings  and added press R to restart game in WebGL version.

Install instructions

HTML5: You could play the HTML5 version(no need to download) by pressing the button above.

Windows: Download and Extract the and start JPR.exe to play.

Android: Download JPRAnd1.3c.apk and install it.


Download 26 MB
Version 1.3c 98 days ago
JPRAnd1.3c.apk 33 MB


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Nice little game. What I would suggest is to try to achieve some single graphics style. Those platforms looks good but the rest is not very good.